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CEGUI Issues

It has come to our attention lately that there have been alot of CEGUI compiling issues and bugs for people with CEGUI versions older than 0.8.5. Due to this fact, we now offically require that to compile TSC, you must have CEGUI 0.8.5 or newer.

Currently CEGUI has a bug that causes black menu boxes if your GLM version is 0.9.6 or newer, and your CEGUI version is less than 0.8.5. You might be able to get around this if your GLM version is older than 0.9.6, and your CEGUI version is newer than 0.8.0, but these cases are unsupported.

The following links are for better explanation of the issue.

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OpenGLRenderer on Linux renders CEGUI samples upside-down - Ubuntu Bugs
Black Box in the center - Github Issues