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Internet Relay Chat IRC has once been the prime way of chatting. Today, it is one option out of many, but with regard to its openness and its decentralised nature still a strong one. No need to bind yourself to some specific commercial entity.

The Secretchronicles project maintains an IRC channel on the Freenode network ( named #secretchronicles. It is recommended to install a real IRC client for connecting, e.g. Hexchat. If for some reason you can’t do this, there is a webchat available on the Freenode website.

In the channel, you can ask any questions related to the Secretchronicles project. We are always happy to meet new users.

Also, if you ask you question in IRC, please stick around for a little while. Most of the time people are not on right when you enter the chatroom. If you leave before your question/s gets answered, you can always look back into the chatlogs.