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The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M Story Development Document - Version 2

Prepared by: Chris Jacobsen (datahead)


Alex pushed through the foliage in the Amazonian rain forest. Sniffing the air, he winced -- it almost seemed to stink. He grabbed a thick layer of meshed vines and leaves and peeled it away, finding a yellow shaped stone. Peeling more away, he discovered a grid work of stones, forming a much larger wall.

"So it's true . . ." he said. "That old man wasn't lying when he talked about the golden ruby . . . This could be the greatest artifact ever discovered."

He spent the next hour peeling away more and more growth. He finally found an opening in the foliage to the right, allowing him to maneuver to a perpendicular side of the mysterious wall. He stepped onto the soft soil of the rain forest and glanced upward to get a better view of the structure. It was an ancient pyramid, but it did not look like any Mayan or Aztec structure with which he was familiar. A dark opening lay at the bottom.

Alex stepped into the opening, turning on his flashlight. He was surprised, however at what he saw. It was a library, with bookshelves lining the walls and dusty books neatly lying in rows.

Stepping past row after row of books, he soon saw a glimmer of light. Stepping through the hole he found himself in a strange world with vicious, furry creatures moving in the distance and wooden crates that floated in the air.

"Who are you?" asked a voice.

Alex turned his head. "I'm Alex," he answered. "I stepped into a library and found myself here . . ."

"You need to hide, lest the armies find you." Alex glanced at the speaker, seeing a creature in the general shape of a fox, with dark speckled fur and ears that seemed to curl back. "Dr. M is tearing apart the cities. He thinks someone has the Chronicles."

Alex stared at him in confusion. "Who is Dr. M, and why does he want a set of chronicles?"

"They are the Malevolent Chronicles," answered the fox creature. "They are the final, missing piece of his collection. With them he will have the power to rule this world."

Alex narrowed his eyes angrily. "Has no one stood up to this 'Dr. M'?" he asked. "No one should be subjected to this kind of treatment."

"He has an army of monsters under his command and a factory to make more of them," explained the fox creature. "Besides that, many people actually respect him."

"Why would anyone respect a person like that?" asked Alex.

"Because he is the heir to the Great Library, the keeper of the books, and his Ph.D. dissertation is one of the most respected in the land."

Alex nodded his head slowly. "Many dictators have had a cult following; he sounds no different. If he's using the threat of violence to control people, though, someone needs to stand up to him."

At that moment, a furball, with brown colored fur and bulging eyes approached them. The fox person stepped back, clearly startled. Alex took a deep breath, ran forward, and leapt upwards toward the monster, his fist in the air.


  • Alex - he is the hero in the game. At the age of twenty two, he has been a recreational treasure hunter for several years.

  • Dr. Malus - Abbreviated form: Dr. M - He is the villain in the game, an eccentric librarian. He has headquartered himself in the Great Library, from which he oversees the production and deployment of armies of monsters as he searches for "The Malevolent Chronicles" - the final piece missing from his personal collection of chronicles. Quoting Shakespeare while traversing the world, he poses an unusual threat.

  • Lord Vodo - A major overlord who resiliently serves Dr. M.


  • Faythe - The home country of the Faythian fox people. These people are downtrodden by Dr. M and simply want an undisturbed existence. Alex befriends them and receives resources to bring the fight to Dr. M.

    • The cities - Urban, skyscraper filled cities where the majority of the Faythians live
    • The country side - rural areas surrounding the cities
  • The expanse - unpopulated areas, with many elements ranging from deserts to frozen tundra to forests to plains

  • The Great Library - Dr. M's headquarters, commandeered from the library of the ancients

    • Upper tier - a room filled with paintings, chandeliers, and a balcony by which Dr. M can oversee the land below
    • The stacks - Floor after floor with column after column of...BOOKS
    • The Secret Chronicles Room - Dr. M's collection of chronicles - the namesake of the game
    • Elevator System - Old fashioned elevators with minimal electrical systems (if any at all)
    • Defense Station - An armed monster outpost intended to fend off intruders
  • The City of the Ancients - The ruins of the ancient civilization surrounding the Great Library

  • The Monster Factory - The factory responsible for the production of Dr. M's monster armies

    • Assembly lines - Various kinds of monsters are assembled on conveyor belts using robotic systems
    • Waste Disposal System - Factory waste is processed and purged here
    • Elevator System - A mechanized, high tech elevator system
    • Control Center
    • Factory Operations - Oversees running of the factory
    • R & D (Research and Development) - Oversees the development of new technologies.
      • Genetics and/or Magic Research - Oversees the creation of new monsters, weapons, and other technologies
      • Super Computing Station - Mathematical simulations and other data crunching are executed here. The outside room is filled with computer monitors showing data/scientific visualizations.
  • Monster Outpost - A fortified, military monster position, with a series of connected fortresses

  • Dr. M's ship - A large ocean faring ship owned by Dr. M with firepower, mechanization, and computing facilities